A laid back Q&A with our newest members of the family: Team riders Emiel and Ward De Malsche 🙂

Questions & Answers

Q: How old are you ? 

A: 19 and my brother is 16 .

Q: How old were you when you first started windsurfing ? 

A: my first surfing experience was actually when my father took my bother and me paddle boarding in the Wadden islands. While I was only 3, the sound of seals squeaking on the beach and the feeling of eating our picnic on the paddleboard have stuck with me. 

Q: What is your favourite surf spot in Belgium and the world ? 

A: My go to surf spot in Belgium would have to be the Surfclub Windekind at the groenendijk in Oostduinkerke. There are little to no water breaks and the waves are huge. 

The best surf spot in the world though ? I would have to say Podzo on the island of the Gran-Canarias. It’s a small spot but a constant wind of about 50 knots, just to put that in perspective: the wind blows so hard it’s impossible to insure your windsurf gear. 

Q: Have you managed to win any prizes yet ?

A: Last year I became the Belgian youth champion in windsurfing, it was a really weird feeling during the final, as I had to compete against my brother. He deserved that prize as much as I did to be honest. 

Q: If you could give any tip to someone starting windsurfing today, what would it be ? 

A: Just have fun, doesn’t matter what level you are at. At the end of the day the best windsurfer is not the one with the most medals,  the sickest tricks or the coolest gear. It’s the one who has the most fun in the water. 

Q: Are you practicing any new tricks?

A: My backloop. That is a backwards somersault with your windsurf board. Extremely difficult but totally worth it!

Q: Since your father and brother are both windsurfers, how has the sport impacted your relationship with them ? 

A: Sharing the same passing is something that always brings people together, and it isn’t any different with us. Windsurfing provides a much needed contrast to the normalised structure of our daily lives, much of the time a lot is planned yet with surfing anything can happen really and you have to be able to adapt to the conditions quickly.

Q: Are there any lessons you have taken from surfing or the ocean in general ? 

A: The oceans power demands us to be humble and respect nature.  Having experienced sketchy moments at sea, such as heading into the rocks, material failing in the middle of the ocean have really demanded me to be humble and respectful, if not the ocean will be unforgiving. While on the waterfront one can have a big mouth but once in the water everything changes.

Q: Why do you think people should take better care of the ocean? 

A: The ocean provides us with so many great thing : food, relaxations and a means of travel. The utilities of the oceans are not highlighted as much as they in my opinion that way we lose touch with the reality of what is actually going on. The accumulation of plastic and trash that ends up in the ocean is really becoming a significant problem for both animals, the environment and people alike. 

We ought to take better care of the ocean in our own way. You can be very passionate and participate in beach clean-ups or you can just spread the right culture and mindset about the problem by buying an awesome t-shirt from wave thirteen. It won’t solve the problem with it’s a step in the right direction to put the conversation of the degrading oceans and its effects back on the table.  Everyone has a role to play in this, just figure out what yours is.