When looking to buy a new surfboard one can get easily overwhelmed by the sheer variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you just want to shred some lips, nose ride a longboard or just have fun on a fish, there is surely a board out there to suit your needs. Yet there are always those who crave something more, something better and something more personal.

Vincent Maes

When he is not designing the next sustainable home of the future, one can find him on the beaches of Guincho or Biscarrosse, riding waves of all shapes and sizes until sundown. Like many, Vincent too was overwhelmed by the variety of board choices but there wasn’t one board that could satisfy his vision of surfing. So, he embarked on a project to shape his very own board, without any prior knowledge of how do go about it.

The creative process

Just like Wave-13, Vincent values sustainability and quality above all. “Most boards today are made with Polyurethane and Polystyrene, both materials aren’t very kind to nature, as they are not degradable or sustainable materials. Throughout the process, it was comforting to know that I was completely in control of the materials I used. By sourcing the wood from a local carpenter, I not only supported the local economy but this way I could enjoy all that which nature has to give without disturbing its equilibrium.”


During the creative process, he had to learn new skills, improvise and adapt to the problems at hand, working with what was available to him. “ I think in our modern society we have become too dependent, we over-consume and discard what we don’t need anymore. We crave the instant gratification and neglect its effects on our society and nature. I believe creating something with one’s own hands is much more rewarding and fulfilling.”

Upon reflection

“While the board still requires some detailing, it gives me great satisfaction and pride knowing I have made it myself. Going through the process, really puts into perspective what we can accomplish as humans when put to the test. I believe we need to challenge ourselves more, we ought to go off the beaten path once in a while and create. That’s the only way I believe we can live a truly fulfilling life”.

Wave – 13

It is pleasing to be part of a culture that shares my values. Wave-13 for me is much more than just a clothing brand, it is an idea, a community and a vision for the future. With the motivated team of creators and developers at Wave-13, the path to sustainability seems ever more in our reach. The grander of its aspiration and ambition is truly inspiring.

Co-author: Vincent Maes
Photocredits: @visio_imaging